Presentation training

Presentation Training: What could be simpler than standing up in front of an audience and talking about a subject you know well? Quite a few things, apparently, judging by the number of people who give dull presentations, reading word for word from a script packed with facts but short on humour; and using lots of slides which are full of words which no-one in the audience could read even if they wanted to. Your presentation should be informative, interesting and, above all (if you want people to remember it and take the information further) enjoyable!

I have been giving official presentations for over 30 years. I know how crucial it is to get the audience on your side and then have them hanging on your every word. To make them laugh at the right moments, and not simply by throwing in a hackneyed joke. When your presentation entertains as well as informs, your potential clients turn into actual ones.

And, if you deal with Russia you may be interested to know that my advantage is that I can carry out Presentation Training (and Media Training) in Russian or English.