Draft contract

DLC TRAINING & CONSULTANCY (“the Company”) undertakes to provide media training/presentation training/editing/consultancy [delete as appropriate] for … (“the Client”) at a rate of [see “Fees”].

The Company will endeavour to meet the requirements of the Client in a time frame to be agreed by both parties. The Client agrees to pay all costs, including any travel, accommodation or other expenses, within 14 (fourteen) days of the completion of the work.

In the event of the Client agreeing with the Company to pay on a monthly retainer basis, the Client is to pay the Company regularly on a date to be mutually agreed.

Responsibility remains with the Client for the legality of the content of the Client’s text, be it in presentations, on the Client’s website or in the Client’s documents or press releases or any other document the Client requests the Company to review. Similarly, the Client and not the Company will be responsible for the legal status of anything which the Client may say to the media, be it in scripted or not-scripted form.

This contract to be signed by both the Company and the Client in duplicate, and a copy to be kept by each party to the agreement.

Signed, for the Company                                                Signed for the Client


Stephen Dalziel
DLC Training & Consultancy